Personal introductions to FTSE 100/250 decision makers and Influencers

...and identifying for FTSE companies and Government Departments the latest business innovation products and services

MeetingsOnly provides three unique services:


We quickly arrange personal introductions for leading-edge product and service providers to meet one-2-one with CxO’s and key senior decision makers in the FTSE 100/250 corporations or Government Departments.

If you wish to be personally introduced and to present to senior decision makers in the FTSE 100/250 contact MeetingsOnly .


We discretely research and identify the best and most innovative leading edge service and product providers.

If you are reviewing your current suppliers with an aim to reduce cost, increase efficiency or mitigate risk and seek a fresh view on potential new leading-edge suppliers contact MeetingsOnly


For the business you have invested in we arrange personal one-2-one introductions for your clients to present their services to key senior decision makers in the FTSE 100/250 or Government Departments.

If you wish your clients to accelerate their growth potential contact MeetingsOnly


Ours is a unique service that gives you accelerated access to the key people and organisations you really need to meet.

All meetings are discreet and based upon personal known introductions on a one-2-one basis.

If you need accelerated access to meet the key decision makers in the FTSE 100/250 or if your corporation or Government Department needs to identify new innovation offerings contact or call +44 (0) 1908 55 00 50.

What We Do

For leading-edge product and service providers we introduce you to senior decision-makers and potential purchasers in FTSE 100/250 and other large corporations.

For FTSE 100/250 Corporations, and Governments Departments we research and identify suppliers of new leading-edge solutions.

For investment groups, VCs and business angels we quickly introduce the companies you have invested in to present to the key FTSE 100/250 decision-makers.

Connect & Benefit

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