Present your solutions to the senior decision-makers in the FTSE 100 / 250 corporations

...we provide one-2-one personal introductions to the people you really need to meet

Leading-Edge Service and Solution Providers

MeetingsOnly arrange personal introductions for leading-edge product and service providers to meet with CxO’s and key senior decision makers in the FTSE 100/250 corporations or Government Departments.

Getting in front of senior people in the major corporations is essential for rapid growth. However, it takes a huge amount of time and effort – and probably more resource than many people have in today’s competitive arena - in gaining access straight to the people you would like to meet.

Prospective customers are looking for innovative products, services and technologies, but may not know where to find you, and telemarketing and mailing just does not hit the mark for the kind of high level relationships you need to build.

Senior executives seek new solutions – but you need to see them first

MeetingsOnly provide the fastest route into senior executives in FTSE 100/250 companies and similar large organisations. We do this by generating through our discrete contacts and networks personal one-2-one introductions to senior executives and attend the first meeting and make that first connection.

What we don’t do

MeetingsOnly does not operate call centers or undertake mailing campaigns; we do no cold calling or provide email addresses or contact lists; we do not set up meetings with unknown representatives who have little decision making or budgetary responsibility.

What we do

What MeetingsOnly does is to uniquely provide our clients with personal introductions to the CxO’s, key decision makers and influencers in the companies they need to meet.

Who should contact us

If you are the owner or director of a small, medium or large business and your leading-edge products and services deliver a clear, relevant and unique benefit and you wish to quickly meet senior decision makers in the FTSE 100/250 and Government Departments, you should contact us.

Our sole mission is to get you in front of the right people - quickly.

All of our meetings are personal introductions to the senior decision makers and influencers.

Ours is a unique service and if you need accelerated access to meet the key decision makers in the FTSE 100/250 contact or call +44 (0) 1908 55 00 50.

Connect & Benefit
Target the right people for your business

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